Is a bullion gold coin confiscatable if graded?

Question by marshmallow: Is a bullion gold coin confiscatable if graded?
Just curious if I had a gold coin, such as an American eagle, and it was graded by ncg etc., would it be subject to possible future confiscation under the current laws of the US?
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I Believe bullion purchase is reported to the Fed Reserve. You never heard of the confiscation of 1933?

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Answer by exactduke
The u.s. has no current laws in which ANY GOLD CAN BE CONFISCATED. And even if they did, how would they know you had these?? Do you really think they have a list of everyone who owns gold??
I have half a dozen (gold) Krugerrands & 100’s of Morgan silver dollars in my safety deposit box. Confiscation (of these), is the least of my worries.

You never heard of the confiscation of 1933?
I have heard of this. However, they DID NOT go into people’s safety deposit boxes or search homes. Joe & Jane Sixpack’s that wanted to keep their gold – DID.

The govt may have gotten large hoards of gold. But a handful of gold coins by the average citizen, no way. I still have my original sales receipt for my coins. The only thing on it, is my name. No ssn, no address – I don’t know how they would ever find me. Even if they wanted to (which I seriously doubt).

I’m not going to dissuade you in your thinking – govt confiscation. It’s just not something I worry about.

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