Is $3000 enough to support 2 parents and one child?

A question by :  Is $3000 enough to support 2 parents and one child?

Well im pregnant with his kid and he gets paid 3200 a month. We are small young family and we live in a tiny house with two bedrooms. It is only $750 a month. He is 22 and im 19 year old pregnant woman. So I just really want to know.?


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Yes, you should be able to live pretty comfortably, take brief vacations, and occasionally eat out if you stick to a budget and live within your means. We manage since my wife works and I take care of our three children at home. However, you really need to monitor your expenditures.

Depending on where you wish to reside. You’ll find it challenging to make ends meet in the San Francisco Bay Area ($3000 on average), London ($2000), and New York ($2860). Also, keep in mind that the average rent I’m quoting is for a studio or one bedroom; I’m not sure how cozy that would be for a family of three. However, I think you could live comfortably if you moved to a region with cheaper rent costs, such as Nevada, Florida, or Barcelona.


” yes, but you will need to lay out a budget for yourself and your family include food, rent, utilities, clothes, toys, insurance, entertainment, car payment, do not buy on credit, it will ruin you quick. consider taking in kids to babysit them during the day for extra cash..”

“For a few years if u do Not buy anything on credit. Get a library card and learn about money and debt. Learn how to get educated for better jobs so you can earn good money. Library can save you decades of HARD LIFE lessons for free Start there..”


“Depends on where you live. San Francisco or NYC no. Here in the middle of nowhere, yes..”






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