indian head coin value?

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Question I just found a silver coin in my mom’s room.
it is dated 1893, silver, and has an indian head on it.
on the back is just the wreath, but there isnt a price value on the back… what is the value of this coin in mint condition? in poor condition?
there arent any markings on the back as to indicate the also has a hole in the top, the original owner must have wanted to wear it. i have a feeling this will destroy any hopes of selling it, but how much WOULD it be worth?

Best answer by Guru:

Sounds like an “Indian Head” nickel. Does it say “one cent” in the middle of the wreath? I know that sounds crazy, but they were called nickels before the five-cent nickel we use now was issued.

Can you give more detail such as size and any other markings? I can probably give you an idea if you describe it more. this coin is more than 100 yrs old. it will have antique value. India was under british rule at that time.the head on the coin may be that of the english governor of that period. However u may contact your local authorities or official of indian embassy in your country.

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