I’m really against renting?

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A question by :  I hate having a lease and having to pay another man to have a place to sleep and live. The concept really, truly bothers me. I’d like to own my own home. So, I’m staying with my parents until I can save for a down payment. Illogical??


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“Renting is freedom. You can move when you need to at the end of leases so move up or down in cost and live in a nicer place than you can own or a single room. Buying when you have never rented is a bad idea since you won’t even own basics to get started.”


“Make sure you are not using this as an excuse to remain at home and not take the path of many that have gone before, renting for a while followed by marriage, and eventually a home purchase.

The idea sound great and if you are doing the required.”


“Sounds like you’ve got your value system in order. At the same factor in if you’d have great independence living in a rented place than living with your parents. What are the plusses and minuses there? It’s great to have ideals but weigh them off against enjoying your life outside of M &. p”


“That would be up to your parents. I think nuclear families are illogical. Believing you HAVE to move out and leave them alone is illogical. What will they do with all that house (if they own one)? Why not help them keep their house and have it been yours one day. The way the world is now.”


“It makes sense if you do not mind bringing women home, or being told what to do. Like personally I wouldn’t mind renting as long as the owner is nice and takes care of the house when it comes to repairs.”


“Very good idea. Before you get too serious look into home buying typical rules. To get a mortgage you’ll be expected to have 20% or so down payment. Show proof of steady income and job and a good credit score.”


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