I’m in London and I’m receiving income support who can check my health status and decide if I’m disable or no

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Universal Credit in UK: Health conditions and disability guide

Getting an Universal Credit in UK if you’re sick or disabled


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“To determine whether or not you are eligible for disability living allowance you would first have to make a claim. You have to telephone the department for work and pensions and get them to send you a claim pack. After you have filled it in and returned it with details of your disability they will send a doctor to your home to assess you as to whether you are entitled to receive DLA and at what rate..”


“I should get in touch with Social Services if I were you and they will point you in the right direction. I believe you can do this on the phone also by having someone questioning you and then sending you a form to fillup. After that they will write to your doctor or even send a doctor to see you at home. It really depends on your doctor than anyone else..”


“Your doctor and your hospital consultants can confirm if you are disabled. Contact the Dept of Works and Pensions for a Disability Living Allowance application form.”


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