I’m 17 and my mom’s making me pay rent?


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It’s against the law for her to do that. As long as you are a dependent minor, especially if you are required to attend school, she is required to provide shelter, utilities, and food for you.

The only way this could be true is if she is so poor that she literally has no other means to pay for those items and your family is forced to rely on child labor in order to make ends meet each month rather than choosing a horrible alternative like turning to loan sharks or being homeless. If it’s a joke, why don’t you sue your mother as a joke or report her to CPS for the child abuse she is committing? I have no idea if it is or not. Give up paying her. then notify child services about her. She is in charge of you till you are an adult. The majority of individuals your age do not earn enough money to cover all of these costs. She has a duty to give you shelter, food, and other requirements as a parent, so I believe her request is unfair. You can report what she is requesting to child protective services because it is unlawful.


Welcome to the real world. Your mother is teaching you a very valuable lesson, at an early age. The lesson is that there is nothing free in the world.

I am willing to bet your mother charging you rent have nothing to do with the finance of the house. even if it is, your might be in the need of financial support.

What you are getting in return for the rent you are paying. Your clothes are washed, food cooked and provided, utilities paid for. You have a play station and computer at your disposal. Your mother provide transportation to places you would want to go, you are provided clothing entertainment and other things by your mother. Your mother is currently paying your health care.

If you were renting on your own, all these items would be paid for by you. You would also have to take your
valuable time to cook your own meals, wash your own clothing, find a way to pay entertain by going out to a movie or dining out.

You might find this to be a little strange, however, later in life you will be bragging to your children. When I was your age your grandmother made me pay rent, you are lucky.”


“The rent you pay your mother will be the best deal you ever get in your life. It is unfair of you to expect your parents to support you forever. When you work, you pay your part. I’m sure she will give you a good deal and you should be glad to help out. Give your mother a break.”


“…and so she should, you live in a house, have food, furniture to sit, sleep on, you use all the facilities, clothes washed, electric paid for, so you are earning money you should contribute to the household income….. welcome to the real world life is not free”


“Oh how mean… and I bet you wash you own clothes, fix your own meals, clean up after your self….. then buy your own clothes, buy your own food, pay for all your school supplies, etc. Get over your self. I would not charge my child rent but I also see no problem with doing so. By paying rent means you must have some kind of job or income.”


“Ha Ha !!!”


“welcome to the real world.”


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