i live in a house and my roommate is moving out due to lack of rent payment, which i did not know. is Can i stay after he leaves?


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Additionally, the security deposit is typically refunded in the form of a cheque payable to the tenants listed on the lease. As a result, the landlord won’t have to worry about whose tenant’s share is theirs.

Thus, if you have a formal contract, you may specify who is in charge of paying what portion of the rent, how the returned security deposit is split up, and other related matters. Now, I don’t care about that arrangement because I’m a landlord. I’m not involved with it. However, since you have a documented agreement wherein your roommates are required to pay their half of the rent, it will be simpler for you to pursue your roommates if the landlord sues you for unpaid rent (and wins).


“If you are on the lease and have passed all the qualifications to be in the apartment, I don’t see why not. I would talk to the landlord because despite what people say on here…you are jointly liable for the rent and any damages. He is a fool to move out and leave you there because he still is liable for damages. Most landlords dont care who pays the rent as long as the rent is paid in full. But you won’t have the right to move someone else in without your landlord’s approval. You might want to talk to your landlord if that is the plan because usually that is a lease breaker.”


“Do you have separate leases? If yes, then your roommate’s failure to pay rent has no bearing on you as long as yours is paid.

If you are on the same lease, then you are each 100% responsible for rent and damages to the rental unit caused by either one of you or your guests. It is up to the landlord if he lets you stay, but my bet is that he won’t unless you all the monies owed him.”


“Are you on the lease or just him? If you aren’t on the lease, you must leave. Also, if you were given a notice to move or pay and he chose to move, you must pay in full or move. The landlord does not care about who pays as long as it gets paid in full before the date given in the notice. You can’t just stay and not pay rent.”


“Of course, IF you pay the rent due. Since I doubt, the roommate will continue to pay when he no longer lives there and when he did not while he lived there, it is up to you to pay it all now.”


“If you are on the lease. If you moved in without the landlord knowing & they find out, they will want to see your credit & ability to pay. The same goes for any new roommate you want to move in.”


“If you are on the lease & can pay the full rent then you should be able to. You have to ask the landlord. maybe if you pay the landlord what your roommate didn’t AND pay the full rent going forward”


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