i like in southern California and am looking to buy a house — where should i look?

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A question by :  I’m really afraid the housing market will tank, so I’m hoping for a place that will hold its value. please let me know of any up-and-coming areas, and why you think it’s a good buy. thanks!?


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It actually depends on your needs and circumstances. Remember that prices in Los Angeles and San Francisco are very different than those in Bakersfield or Eureka. If you can afford to purchase in a more expensive neighborhood, the value appreciates quickly and you end up making money. Don’t get me wrong, California has many affordable neighborhoods, but if you’re from the Midwest, you could feel a little ripped off when you see how much house you’re getting for the high price. Overall, I would think that it is worthwhile as you can always sell your California house and move elsewhere where you will probably be able to buy what you want.

As others have said, everything depends. There is just one compelling reason to purchase property in California as an investment. So where? The bulk of suburbs in major cities are relatively expensive. 350K and upwards, in my opinion, to millions.

What do you get for 350K? Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a small dining room are common features of a basic house. There may be adequate storage, modest closets, or not much storage. Attics or basements are uncommon in modern homes, however double garages are a typical feature.

Homes can be found in areas with prices ranging from $150,000 to $350,000, but you should also consider local and state taxes.


“Palm Desert, just outside Palm Springs is great. Coastal San Diego, expensive but if the market breaks it will be back over long haul. The best way to sleep soundly is not have to sell your house when/if the market gets soft.”


“I used to live in San Diego and it’s a really wonderful place to live and close in proximity to everything. (LA, MEX, VEGAS)”


“Many people from Southern CA are going to Arizona, Texas, & Nevada. Its due to housing cost and job growth.

Northern Californians are going to Nevada and states such as Oregon, Washinton, Idaho.

I like Austin Tx and Lafayette LA”


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