I have a confirmation of sale tomorrow on home willed to me will I be thrown out on the street? I have lived in home 10 yrs?


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“If you were willed the house, and are the legal owner, it makes no sense why it is being sold without you having a clue what is going on.

If you are not the owner of the house, then your tenancy transfers to the new owner. They have to either honor your lease (with a few exceptions) or, if you have no fixed term rental agreement, give you proper notice as per state laws (30-60 days’ notice to vacate).

Legally, you can only “be thrown out on the street” after you have failed to vacate following notification and a court ordered eviction.”


“However, you got the home is irrelevant as is however long you have lived in it. You have either agreed to sell the home or are being forced to sell the home (but that it is being sold is not a surprise, you were advised before today) and once it is, it is the property of someone else. Whether they are willing to rent to you or let you stay is up to them but likely you will have to be out or it is considered you abandoned whatever you have left in the home.”


“If you wish to post more detailed info, we may be able to help you.
Do you have proof that the house was willed to you?
Did you decide to sell it?
Are there unpaid property taxes owing?
Have you signed a contract sale to a buyer?
What advice has your lawyer given you?
What date is the purchase sale to close?
Did you have a real estate agent for the purchase?
Please answer all the above questions. Then we can help you.”


“More info needed if you were willed it then you have to be paying property taxes perhaps a mortgage and insurance. If you have done this someone may legally be trying to con the buyer or you go to your counties “recorder’s office” TODAY to find out what is really happening, whose name is on the will and they can tell you where to go to find out who is in charge of “handling the will,” of the person who willed it to you maybe they are ripping you both off. find out how to stop the sell while you’re at the recorder’s office until it decided in court and find out how to stop it, and file your petition to stop the sale.”


“We need more details to be able to help you. Who is selling the house, and why? Have you paid the tax bills? Did the owner of the house pass and have debts that the house has to be sold to pay? There is more to this situation than what you have stated here.”


“Even though a home may be willed to someone……..it there is still
a mortgage owed – then the mortgage holder has the last say.”


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