I am 75, what are my chances of buying a house?

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If you have cash, pretty good. If you want to finance, worse case would be the mortgage company wanting a higher down payment to offset their risk. Also, just because one mortgage company says no doesn’t mean they all will say no.

If you have the proper income to debt ratio and a credit score worth having, along with a down payment, there is no reason why you cannot buy a house.

A new neighbor just moved in last week. She is 73.

Your age is irrelevant as long as you are an adult.


“If you are asking what is the chance a bank will give you a 30-year mortgage, it is pretty small since you will probably not live to repay it in full. But if you have the cash, your chances are 100%.”


“Just join the army serve for a couple years then after your discharged you get an estate sized loan the government is obviously happy to pay for you because in the southern united states your wuss a slave!

but dont try to get “assistance! why since the government “protects the taxpayer” they’ll come in rob you blind then shovel the money at their fatcat big business partners!”


“Age is not a factor. Everything that applies to a 30-year-old having the financial qualifications to be approved for a mortgage apply to you.  A working person has work income. If your working days are over, a lender will count your demonstrated monthly retirement income along with your retirement nest egg. “


“If you are broke, or you have very little savings then my answer is no. You won’t be able to buy a house if what I said about you is accurate.”


“Age might be just a number, but that’s not the number that matters in this case. How much money do you have or at the very least, what is your credit score?”


“Last time we moved I was 65 and my husband 70. The first thing we did when we arrived in the new house was get the bed ready and toiletries in the bathroom. Then coffee pots and essentials in the kitchen. I also had a bag with dishwashing liquid, kitchen towels, water, fruits and snacks. We also brought lunch and dinner with us. The pre move was really hard. Patty, please get some help. My son helped us and a friend of ours because the rest of the children are out of state. The good thing is you are moving to a bigger home. Use a room to store boxes that will not be opened immediately. People advise to put boxes in the rooms they belong and that is fine but if those boxes will be blocking let’s say the kitchen walking pattern put them somewhere else, the garage for example. Clutter makes some people stressed; I am one of them. Take it easy afterwards, do a bit at a time. At least your house is moving ready and that is a major plus. Congrats on your gorgeous home!”

Alma Miranda

“I was 60 when I moved from Ohio to Florida. My husband sent me down with my youngest daughter and our dogs. We left a few days before him. Half my house was still in Ohio when he got down here to Georgia. He couldn’t fit it all in the moving tuck. So all I can tell you is to start getting rid of things you don’t need, or want to go to the new house. We had to stay with family, and stay in hotels. We bought a manufactured home to put on the land we bought. I took us over a year to get into our home. We’re settled now, but we don’t have enough storage here. It’s the perfect size for us. But we live on the side of a mountain. Someday we want to move to some flat land and a normal house with lots of closets. It wasn’t easy by any means. It was my youngest daughter and my three small dogs driving eight hours from Ohio to Georgia. My oldest daughter already lived in Georgia. Then my husband came down a few days later with the truck, that had about half our old house in it. We moved from a three bedroom, two and a half baths. We had lived in that house for 27 years, so we had a lot of crap. We made daily trips to the Goodwill, or the dump for weeks before we moved. We would not have had room for the stuff if he would have brought it. We have a storage unit we’ve paid for since we got here two years ago. That is costing us money. I love where I live it’s so quiet and peaceful. But as long as we can find land with a house, it will be fine. I like the space, and no neighbors. So, it was all worth it. And we learned a lot about buying the land, clearing the land, everything that has to be done before you can put a home on your land. I would do it again. I would do things differently. I would buy a manufactured home that had everything I wanted in it. And I would have them use some different contractors, to do the work. You won’t be bothered with anything like that. But just start getting rid of things now. Otherwise, you may move things you don’t want or need for your new place.”


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