How to determine the value of silver coins?

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Question by R2D2 : Do old silver coins worth money, whether those 90% silver coin value by weight or there is a chart / calculator here?

Silver coin values like all the other precious metal coins, have seen an increase in value throughout time. It is believed that silver was used as a monetary instrument from as early as 700 BC. In 1792 silver became a key player in the US as a part of their monetary system in relations to gold. This trend continued in the US until the end of 1964 when silver was no longer used to mint coins for general circulation. silver coin prices today are still a hot topic for debate among coin collectors.

Some of the rarest silver coins to date include the Constantine Silver Ruble from Russia only 5 known to exist, and one can be worth as much as 200,000.00 US. Another one of the rarest silver coins is the 1804 US silver dollar sold in Jan of 2006 for 3,300,000.00 US. The third rarest silver coin would be the US 1894 S Barber dime said to be worth over one and a half million dollars.

A silver coins value just like gold depends on the value of silver as well as the condition and the rarity of the coin. On April 17th 2008, silver jumped to over 20.00 US an ounce that is the highest level it had seen since the Hunt family tried to corner the silver market in 1973.  This sudden increase last year made collectors dump hoards of silver coins into the melting pot.

Now that the silver market has calmed down silver coins are once again being sought after by collectors. If the market trend as it has in the past, the value of these cons will increase again because so many where melted the rarity will keep the market in an upward direction. Rare Silver dollar coin values remain decent even in difficult economic conditions.

Silver coins are some of the most beautiful coins ever minted the luster of a well mint coin is unprecedented. The history as well as the beauty of these coins will make them valuable treasure to own forever.

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