How to deal with a meddlesome landlord?

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A question by :  I just moved into a basement apartment and my new landlord is incredibly nosy and meddlesome. She constantly goes into my apartment, sometimes just to turn off the lights in the main room, if she’s walking by and I might be in another room. I once caught her going into my apartment after I left?


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Depending on the level of cooperation desired, in most cases, a landlord just has to allow tenants to occupy a space in exchange for payment of a predetermined monthly rent. Apart from fulfilling any additional lease responsibilities, there is no additional cooperation required. What is the landlord refusing to do for you or disagreeing with you on?


“Two things, first, look for another place to stay. She’s coming into your apartment without your permission and she’s interfering and disrupting your lifestyle, you don’t need that!
If she insists on cleaning your apartment, that’s a sure sign that she’s rummaging through your things, you DON” T need that! If something is missing, she will deny it, and the burden of proof is on you!
With a person like this, it’s their nature to be like this and is using the apartment as a way to meddle, you want to get out of that situation.
Review your lease agreement on the terms for breaking your lease while seeking another place to stay.
Make sure you contact the post office to have your mail forwarded, more than likely, she will open your mail, instead of placing it back in the mail and have it returned to the sender.

Second, have a backup place to stay. Whether you can convert your car into a livable space or consider getting a van, have a backup place to stay. Trust me on this, in the event things like this happens, or you lose a job and you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s recommended that you have a backup place to stay that’s yours!”


“She is breaking the law. Even in states that do not require a notice to enter she has no right to turn off lights, go through your stuff or open your fridge at all much less comment on what is in there. She is your landlord not your mom or pastor. If she cannot make that distinction, she has no business being a landlord.

Remind her of the laws & that she can get sued if she continues to violate them.”


“She is breaking the law. Be sure to document what she does if you decide to move. She has to give you 24-hour notice in most states to come in. She cannot just drop by and come in. She has no right to move your things or clean. I would move a soon as I could. I would write a letter to her telling her she is breaking the laws by coming into your apartment. To move your things around is an unacceptable intrusion. Tell her the law states that she must give you 24-hour notice to enter your apartment and that is the law. And state that you don’t want her in your apartment going through your things when you aren’t there. To come in she must come when you are home with notice. And tell her she is breaking the law and if she continues to come into your place, you will be forced to move. Keep a copy of the letter and be sure to note when she has come into your apartment and what she has done. This is your proof if you end up in court trying to get your deposit back or whatever. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures when you move. Also proof how you left the apartment. Send the letter return receipt and keep that receipt with the letter. Send her one each time she comes in. I would move anyway. She must really be a nut. In the letter tell her she needs to read property laws and you do have rights about her coming in. Good luck. Tell your mother to keep that email or print it out for you if she still has it. That she has gone through your fridge is proof of her coming in without notice. Calling your mother is really stepping out there. She has no right to do that. I would keep track of my moving costs and sue her for them. Suing is expensive even in small claims court and getting someone to pay…at least in Texas…is tough so it isn’t worth the hassle. Just get out of there.”


“You remind her that the law requires her to provide you with at least 24 hours’ notice prior to entering your living space. Then you stock up on 5 cases of beer and put some vodka, gin, etc. bottles (get empties and fill them with water) on your counters just to drive her up the wall. If she continues to enter, call your attorney general’s office to find out what remedies you have under state law.

Provide her with a written copy of the laws in your area regarding how much notice and what reasons she is allowed to enter your property. Speak to the police and/or a lawyer regarding what you can do if she breaks them and enters without notice or reason.

Remind her she need to give you 24 hour’s notice in writing before she can legally enter your property and what she is doing is illegal as in not giving you peaceful existence in your home. She is NOT entitled to enter your home uninvited and if you need to go and see a legal adviser and ask them to send her a letter……look for another place to live”


“It is illegal what she is doing. she I s not allowed to enter your apartment without notice
unless it’s an emergency.

it’s also a basement apartment -ILLEGAL APARTMENT. MOVE AND TURN HER IN


“File in small claims court for the maximum…my state is fifteen thousand dollars…. that should stop this nonsense. So why aren’t you moving?”


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