how To Buy Shares via Bank Account?

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A question by Anonymous:  

I want to know ,whether we can buy shares using Bank Accounts and i want to know whether we can buy all types of share,or bank contains the list of shares that it supports,so i want information on this

Help me?


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In this video, how to buy easy equities shares from your Capitec bank app and another one for chase bank. Using banks to acquire and sell shares is not a smart option because deposit and withdrawal are the main functions of banks, as we all know quite well. banks aren’t cheap on helping customers buy stocks. Always purchase equities through a SEBI-registered stock broker, such as Motilal Oswal and Angel Broking.


“Bank do only financial activities, never sell any share to anyone. shares can be purchased through trading member (broker, institute).”


“You did not mention that in which bank do you have accounts. Some banks like ICICI, HDFC, PNB, SBI etc. have the facility for trading of share you need to open a Demat Account in the bank or with any broker like share khan etc. After that you can deal and trade in share. For opening a demat account you need PAN CARD AND AGE PROOF other than ID and Address proof.”

“You ought to open a demat account and get it appropriate jointly with your reductions economic corporation account, from which you would be able to pass money on your demat account and do the figuring out to purchase and advertising. Basic… isn’t it?? satisfied and secure Banking!!. “

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