How much are MS 69 And MS 70 Gold Eagles?

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Since Gold Eagle coinage is comprised of both modern, $50 face value American Eagle bullion, and rare, Double Eagle coins, it is important for investors to understand the significance of purchasing MS 69 and MS 70 Gold Eagles. The U.S. Mint places each newly minted American Eagle, one-ounce bullion coin in a plastic container (called a slab), so each coin is typically in Mint State condition. Most of these coins are automatically graded as MS 69 and MS 70 Gold Eagles because they are brand new.

There is no need to purchase MS69 and MS70 Gold Eagle coins and pay an ultra-high premium for these items. The Sheldon scale of 1-70 merely rates the condition of the coin, not its rarity. Modern bullion Gold Eagles should carry prices that hover slightly above the current gold spot price, and rare PCGS certified Double Eagle coins command substantially higher prices. Grades of 69 and 70 in these types of coins are non-existent because most coins were melted down in 1933, and grades 62 to grade 65 offer the most attractive long-term investment return opportunities, as they have quadrupled in price since 2002 and are still 200-400% below their historical highs.

The PCGS Price Guide only lists rare gold Double Eagle coins as high as MS 67, with retail prices as high as $500,000, for an MS 67, $20 Lady Liberty coin. Investors can avoid paying outrageous retail prices for their Gold Eagle coins by contacting one of our friendly specialists, who offer institutional discounts on these, and many other coins to household investors like you.


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