How long does it take to sluice one ounce of gold through high banking?

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Dan Hurt takes us on a riveting journey through the intricate process of highbanking, addressing a frequently posed question: How long does it truly take to amass an ounce of gold? Prospecting enthusiasts often ponder the question: How long does it take to sluice one ounce of gold through high banking?

The moment of truth arrives as Dan meticulously weighs the gold collected during an hour of highbanking—1.336 grams. A modest amount, yet the video emphasizes the multifaceted factors influencing this outcome, including ground quality and adherence to legal constraints. So estimating a staggering 27 hours of highbanking to secure a single troy ounce of gold. Realistically, factoring in an eight-hour workday, this translates to approximately three days of unbroken effort—an insightful revelation into the commitment required.

The Highbanker Setup: Navigating Terrain Challenges

Navigating the waterways of British Columbia brings forth its own set of challenges, as Dan reveals. Legal restrictions regarding water discharge have forced him to seek higher ground, creating a unique setup. Despite the challenges, Dan’s commitment to transparency shines through as he delves into the intricacies of the highbanker setup.

The Highs and Lows: Adjusting the Angles and Facing the Unknown

As the highbanker processes material, Dan takes intermittent breaks to address setbacks. Acknowledging a steeper initial angle and the need to process materials beyond the usual selection for panning, Dan paints a realistic picture of the highs and lows of a day in the highbanking trenches.

Gold Everywhere: Matting Magic Unveiled

The gold owl matting within the sluice proves its mettle, capturing both larger flakes and fine particles. The video captures the excitement of the prospecting journey, offering viewers a front-row seat to the unfolding drama of gold extraction.

Real-Time Cleanup: A Glimpse into the Process

While Dan opts not to showcase the entire cleanup process in this video, he provides glimpses, directing interested viewers to a dedicated series on his channel. A nuanced approach, ensuring a balance between engagement and detail.

How to use a sluice

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