Can a Landlord Restrict Guests in my apartment?

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A question by :  I moved into an apartment with my 3-year-old daughter, boyfriend, and friend of 7 years. We signed a one-year lease. Everything was fine until March when my friend had a coworker come stay with us while he found a new place to live. he’s still living in our apartment. they go?


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The lease agreement should specify any limits on visitors, if the landlord so chooses. The landlord may act as they would when a tenant breaches the contract if the renter has permitted guests over. The tenant can be asked by the landlord to kick the visitor out of the unit. Landlords cannot unfairly deny visitors access to the rental home or demand a fee for their presence. You can, however, include particular provisions in your lease that deal with visitors of renters and their legal rights.

Any visitor who stays longer than two consecutive weeks in any six-month period will be regarded as a tenant and will need to be added to the leasing agreement. When a new tenant is added to the lease or the premises, the landlord may also raise the rent at that time.


“They are not breaking the law and endangering your child. YOU ARE. YOU allowed it. You allowed them all to stay there in violation of your lease. There is nothing you can do except move yourself and you will also be responsible for abiding by this first lease that you signed, as they told.”


“This makes no sense. You are on the lease the other person is not. How can you not be able to tell a guest not to come into the apartment? You are all three in agreement, or is one person playing both sides? Why not box his stuff up take it to his job and.”


“Well, you are learning about roommates…one always gets used by the other…and it can be hell. I would object rather sternly to having people sleeping over that you dont know and on a regular basis. You also need to know that in most states it is part of property law that while.”


“When you signed your lease, you agreed to pay rent for a year, so if you leave before that year is up, technically you’re still on the hook for the remainder of the rent you promised to pay. Bummer, we know.

In some states you can break a lease if your employer.”


“Find someone to take over your portion of the lease. Find someone to take over roomie’s portion of the lease.

Sit the roomie down and lay it all out. Explain that you all will be evicted if her coworker doesn’t get out. Explain that it’s not working out and that the three of you (you, bf, and”


“You three are bonded in the lease agreement, but not the guest who comes to the house with your friends you have full right to kick them out from your house. In this case even your friend who is supporting the guests he will be the helpless because you three pay the rents of the house.”


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