How can i tell if my American Eagle gold coin is real?

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Many coin collectors would think that contemporary coins are not fakes, so they might not spend much time scrutinizing such coins. This is potentially a costly presumption.

A quick look at a phony Gold Eagle showed that it differed greatly from an actual one in many ways. The currency is thicker than an authentic piece, and the picture of Liberty appears to be a parody of the original. It is lighter even though it is thicker than a real specimen.

The authentic coin has highly mirrored, black fields and well-frosted devices, making it almost faultless. In comparison to a true example, the fields on the fake are not quite as pitch-black, and the frost on the electronics is much weaker.

Numerous distinctions are apparent when the finer aspects are carefully examined. Look closely at the Capitol on both coins. The fake’s windows lack any artistic quality at all and are only a collection of lines. On the authentic piece, on the other hand, it is obvious that each window was painstakingly sculpted by hand by a master engraver. On the real coin, the bottoms of the windows flow into the fields far more gracefully than they do on the imitation, where they simply come to an abrupt end.


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