how can I sell my home by myself?

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“There are many types of flat fee or limited-service companies around the country. While the programs differ from each other concept and services, each is designed to increase the MLS and public exposure of For Sale by Owner (FSBO) home sellers. They allow you to avoid part or all of the commission if you sell the property yourself. Some have their own buyer agents hoping to earn a commission, and others refer all prospective buyers to the seller. Some install sign posts and flyer boxes. Some are the actual licensed brokerage, and some are lead generation sites that sell the lead to licensed brokerages. Some allow the seller to set the commission offered to buyer agents, and some do not. Some provide purchase and sale agreements and discount programs with title and escrow companies. You can pick and choose the style that is right for you. The largest of these companies in Washington is


“You can always just print some brochures, advertise in the paper. However, to get the maximum visibility you need to do an MLS listing. This is what brokers use. This is what you’ll see on for example. When you use a realtor, you get that listing.

You can do it cheaper by going to flat fee listing websites to do it yourself. You can usually buy a kit to put the outside brochures, lockbox, etc. also, from those sites.

I’ve listed a good one here. You can use this approach and pocket the fee or reduce the price to move your house faster.”


“Take a look at:

These have some really good resources. Also, if you get hooked up with a local Loan Officer, they might be able to help you out with the open houses. In return, they get to pre-qualify all the people who come in. (Leads for them, help for you)
Good luck! I hope this helps.”


“Not only that you need to market your house to as many people as possible, you also need to know what disclosure forms you need to use for the buyer. the law requires that you provide certain type of disclosure forms for the new buyer. if you don’t know what they are, research it. go on line, library, ask a friend. if you don’t have time, pay a “realtor”, and use their knowledge and experience to help you stay out of trouble. if you have enough equity in your home, pay the fee. most realtors now will negotiate the fee. if not, call another one that is willing to work with you. call the one that can give you the best deal and will provide full service, as well.”


“Simple if you are working with a realtor. Financially, emotionally and legally challenging if not. Do your homework and keep yourself out of court. Remember just as much as you want to skimp & save a nickel and do it yourself so is the person on the other end hoping to do.”


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