How can I get my first house/apartment with no credit?

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A question by :  I need to find a place to stay in the next month or two but nobody wants to rent to me. Money isn’t a problem because $700 is a third of my monthly income. The main reason why nobody wants to rent to me is because I don’t have any previous renting experience, no credit score, and I literally have no friends or relatives to co-sign. I’ve tried asking if I can pay 2 or 3x the deposit and everyone said no. Also, I do have a secured credit card but my credit score won’t kick in until April.?


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It is likely that you will require a co-signer or guarantor. Depending on the rules in your state. There isn’t much competition if you are the lone candidate. Good luck if you’re one of the 300 applicants.

If there is little demand for an apartment, a landlord is more likely to relax the terms of the lease. And less willing to accept a desirable apartment.

You will undoubtedly require a co-signer if you rent from a large owner who owns numerous properties. This would be a responsible parent, sibling, or close friend.


“i will rent you a room in my house for $700 a month. xD.”


“Look at private landlords instead of apartment complexes. They are often more flexible with their policies since they make the decisions and not a corporate handbook.

Can you list where you are staying now, even if you aren’t paying rent, and have someone their vouch for you?  Agree on how much you’ve been paying to keep your story straight.”


“So look for a family who ar prepared to rent a room to you, book a cheap B&B/hotel and build up your credit and savings in the next few months”


“In addition to what others have said, if this is only for a month or 2, were you planning on getting a 2-month lease? This won’t happen.  Just get a room in a shared home.   Some require leases, but many do not.”


“$700 per month is probably short to be able to rent an apartment, and very short to be able to rent a house.

I think you would have enough money to rent either a bedroom, or master bedroom with shared accommodations, or maybe you might be able to find a basement that you can rent, and have that space all to yourself.

I rented a 1 bedroom in a house, for 1 year. I paid $475 per month, but my former landlord wanted $525 per month. He accepted my offer.

I never had previous renting experience, but a man gave me a chance to rent one of his bedrooms. I think your problem is you want something that you can’t afford, or you don’t want to pay more.”


“I lived at home until 30 building my business and asset base. I had very good credit and still had a problem because of no prior rental history and because I was self-employed and behind on my tax returns, I could not prove my income.

They ended up accepting me when I brought in a copy of my brokerage statement showing, I don’t know, $40-60k in assets. (Can’t recall exactly)

I was never late for rent for however long I was there…9-10 years.

2-3 x the deposit is nowhere near enough for the risk they take. You could move in and never pay rent and it would take them months and attorney fees to get rid of you via the courts. 

Also, many apartments want your rent to be no more than 28% of your gross monthly income. (A month is not 4 weeks by the way)

So, if you earn $500 a week, you should not spend more than $606.67 on rent.

You may be able to persuade a small place if you can pay your last 3 months in advance. (Meaning you keep paying every month until 3 months before you leave)

Another option is an extended stay hotel.”


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