Have you ever purchased an expensive item by credit, only to find out it never appeared on your account?

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A question by :  I recently purchased a $1800 Panasonic 50″ inch from a high-end retail store. I don’t want to mention the store name for my own good. I sat down with the salesman, bought the TV through their credit program and wanted him to add it to my current balance of 1300 which I had with them already. 1300+1800 would equal to around 3100 plus taxes and interest. While he was processing the sale, I notice he cancelled the whole process because he didn’t know what he was doing and he called a manager to do it for him. Everything went well, I received a pickup slip to pick up my TV in two weeks, since it was sold out for that time. Finally, two weeks came and I picked it up from the store, set it up at home, and happy with it. Three weeks after picking it up, I was wondering why my current balance was still at 1300, and not 3100. I went to check out my credit account at the store, and it showed that my sales transaction had been cancelled with dollar amount of -1800, which means I paid nothing for the TV. Is it possible that the new sales guy could have screwed up my sale and cancelled it altogether, while still giving me a pickup slip to get the TV? Has something similar happened to you or anyone you know??


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“No nothing like that has ever happened to me but if it did happen to “ME” I would definitely have it corrected. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that what happened may have cost someone their job and not to mention it is literally stealing by omission. The guilt would drive me crazy.”

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“You didn’t do one of those XX-months no payment, did you? It is extremely unlikely they let you walk out with a new TV, if it’s a large-box retail chain they reconcile inventory and sales daily and they would have seen the discrepancy, it is likely you’ll be getting a statement at some point in the future,”

“The store is financing the TV? Do you get an invoice in the mail? Wait until you receive your next statement because it may be there or the one after that. It might be some bookkeeping procedure.”


“Well wait one more month, for your new statement. if still isn’t on there, then you have a free tv! now, the problem is it could come back on you in a few months or never. chances are they will figure it out. what could happen to you legally I’m not sure. Are you willing to keep your mouth shut and keep a free tv???? that never really happened to me, but I’d have trouble sleeping at night. But by bringing it up to the store, you could be in a mess Just wait for a while for them to figure it out. I Would stash some money in the bank for when they do figure it out, telling them now can really screw things up! IF they don’t come for their money, then give it to charity!”


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