Have you ever gotten fake student loan debt calls from scammers?

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A question by Anonymous :   Every so often I get these calls from random numbers, and they say they’re debt collectors. The mention my name, my salliemae loans for college, my address, and they basically try to pressure me to make a payment right then and there by telling me of these cheaper offers they have. I just received one today and the person on the phone did the same tactic but when I mentioned that I just got a call from them and I stated that I couldn’t make a payment because I was unemployed at the moment, she said “Ok well let me tell you of these other possibilities for you” and then hung up. Very unprofessional in my opinion. 

It does sound like a scam by the way they talk, but it feels weird that they would have all that information ready. Has anyone experienced this before?


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“No, I’ve never got them because I don’t answer cells from unrecognized numbers.  Yes, they’re all scams.  Anyone who lies and tells you to pay right now is a total scam artist.  They get your information from different sources and they pay for people’s personal info.  The more frequently you answer those calls, the more you will get.  Next time a call comes in from an unknown number, don’t answer.”

“No, ive never gotten those, i would report them.”

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