Half Sovereigns – Half The Metal But Double The Performance.

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Monetarium has been active in the half sovereign market for many years. Rare; historic and beautiful in high grade, “halves” have all the fundamental traits required for a rising market.

The half sovereign series can be a forbidding area to dabble in, and so most collectors shy away from them. Even though there are far less halves than sovereigns required for a complete set (just 65 coins, as opposed to around 200), it is actually a far tougher series in which to make significant progress.

Those collectors that choose to specialise seriously in half sovereigns, tend to have deep pockets and are connoisseurs of their craft. Some spend decades learning of nuances in strike and rarity, and this attention to detail can result in a true explosion of activity when an especially rare and attractive example comes onto the market.

Although half sovereign values have percolated along nicely for some time, in recent months there has been some quality stock come onto the market that has been unavailable for many years. Dealers and collectors desperate to acquire these superb coins have driven the market to new levels, and more and more people are taking notice.

The intensity of bidding on halves over the past few months leaves us with the firm impression that as soon as more stock of the same calibre becomes available, the recent price rises will spread even further.

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