Golden Shopping Tips in Dubai

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When it comes to buying gold and diamond jewelry in Dubai, you’re in for a treat. The best place to find exquisite pieces at great prices is the Dubai Gold Souq. You might just strike gold with incredible deals, with discounts often reaching up to 50% and sometimes even 70% off on diamond jewelry. Plus, there are no making charges for gold jewelry, which is a significant advantage.

It’s worth noting that many stores in Dubai source their jewelry from the same distributors, so you can find similar designs across the city. Gold prices are regulated by the Dubai government and are updated twice daily. Don’t forget to ask for your invoice, as it guarantees the authenticity of your purchase, and you can also claim a 5% VAT refund when leaving the country. While 22-carat jewelry is the most popular choice, you can also find 18-carat options in a few stores. The Gold Souk is conveniently located in Deira, near the Hyatt Regency Hotel, with a Metro station within walking distance and plenty of taxis available. Another great option is the Gold and Diamond Park near the Mall of Emirates, where you can expect similar prices to the Gold Souq but with the advantage of a more relaxed shopping environment and free parking. For gold purchases with minimal making charges, consider checking out Anvar Jewellers in the Gold Souq. Enjoy your jewelry shopping adventure in Dubai!

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