Gold Sovereign 1918 « GEORGIVS V D.G.BRITT».

The 1918 sovereign is one of the most interesting gold sovereigns ever. Produced at the Bombay mint under the authority of the Royal Mint in London. During WWI, due to the German naval blocus, shipping gold was too risky, but gold sovereign was needed overseas to support the war effort. As an emergency; the royal Mint set a Mint facility in Bombay to avoid shipping gold coins to Asia; entering in production in 1918.

  • The peaks of the eyebrow and upper cheek;
  • The fine detail in his moustache;
  • The broad area of hair above the ear & towards the fringe;
  • The neck muscle between his ear and the base of his neck.
  • As always, the rims and fields;

Bombay 1918 sovereigns : the “emergency” sovereign.





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