Gold price predictions for next 5 years.

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Gold Price Forecast and Predictions for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026

Predicting the price of gold is far from an easy exercise. Only experts are able to give reliable indications, and again: according to the Kenneth Rogoff, professor of economics at Harvard University, giving accurate forecasts on the price of gold is extremely delicate. He explains that while we can identify trends in the short term, it is impossible to be right in the long term. Giving forecasts on the evolution of the price of gold over five years is therefore more reasonable than trying to guess what the situation will be in ten years.

  • Richard Kiyosaki sees gold at $5,000 ounce.
  • Investor and banks have adjusted their forecast at $2,000 level.

The only thing we can be sure of, when trying to predict the price of gold, is the question of production. Gold is a very rare metal, and the amount of gold available increases only very slightly and predictably. This means that if there is an increase in demand, gold prices inevitably rise, since production remains stable.

Gold price predictions for 2022.

Indeed, recently, the Swiss banking group UBS published an analysis that reflects a very positive anticipation of the price of gold by 2023.

However, and despite a probably rapid increase by the end of this year, the following years will be, still according to this source analyst, more modest in terms of volatility with less surprising movements. We should therefore observe a continuous increase in the price of this asset until 2023 just as this should be the case for certain other precious metals such as silver or platinum which also have a significant correlation with gold. We forecast a price of 1780 dollar for an ounce in 2022.

Gold price prediction January 20221780
Gold price prediction February 20221790
Gold price prediction March 20221830
Gold price prediction April 20221720
Gold price prediction May 20221820
Gold price prediction June 20221890
Gold price prediction July 20221860
Gold price prediction August 20221745
Gold price prediction September 20221700
Gold price prediction October 20221800
Gold price prediction Nov 20221700
Gold price prediction December 20221690

Gold price predictions for 2023.

We forecast a price of 1880 dollar for an ounce in 2022.

Gold price prediction January 20231620
Gold price prediction February 20231610
Gold price prediction March 20231710
Gold price prediction April 20231765
Gold price prediction May 20231815
Gold price prediction June 20231930
Gold price prediction July 20231935
Gold price prediction August 20231930
Gold price prediction September 20232020
Gold price prediction October 20232095
Gold price prediction Nov 20232025
Gold price prediction December 20232075
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