Gold price per Ounce

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Gold price per ounce. 999 Gold/24 Kt1903,551755,451755,451770.21
Gold price per ounce. 750 Gold/18 Kt1427.851316.761316.761327.83
Gold price per ounce. 585 Gold/14 Kt1110.721024.311024.311032.92
Gold price per ounce. 333 Gold/9 Kt713.83658.29658.29663.83

London communicates the price of gold for one troy ounce, in euros, dollars and pounds. It is communicated around 12:00 (London time). This is the first fixing (or first bell). The price of an ounce of gold in London serves as the basis for calculation for physical gold (jewelry, coins and bars). The second fixation (second bell) is used to give a reference price just before the opening of the New York Stock Exchange. This is the reason why the official value of investment gold does not change throughout the day. Prices in currencies other than the euro or the dollar are the result of a conversion between currencies. Note: The price of an ounce of gold in New York: Another important place for gold, the price of this metal is not determined by a group of banks, as London, but by its listing on the commodities exchange (Comex) on the New York Stock Exchange. The price in New York is also communicated with the ounce as a unit of weight.

  • The gold ounce: troy ounce of pure gold, 24 carats. a fineness of gold is at least 999/1000.
  • The standard ounce: This is a troy ounce at 22 carats, or a gold purity of 91.66%. This appellation is in disuse today but can still meet. The weight still remains 31.1034768 Gram.
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