Gold price per Kilo.

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IMPORTANT ! We give below the price of the kilogram of gold, as communicated by the LMBA (London Gold Fixing). Prices in Swiss Francs and Canadian Dollars are set according to the USD/CAD and EUR/CHF exchange rates

London communicates the price of one ounce of gold in euros, dollars and pounds, around 12:00. This is the fixing, which will be used for the exchange of physical gold between the members of the L.B.M.A. This price serves as the basis for calculation for physical gold (jewelry, coins and bars). Note: The price of gold is given for unprocessed gold. You can use this price for pure gold in the form of nugget, dust or non-boursable coins and bars and jewelry. Traditionally, gold is measured in troy ounces. One troy ounce corresponds to 31,103 grams – there are 32.150747 troy ounces in one kilogram – one kilogram = 1000 grams = 32.15074656 troy ounces

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