Gold price per gram.

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24 karat gold contains 100% pure gold. The price of a gram of pure gold, 24 carats, depends exclusively on the price of an ounce of gold. The 24-carat denomination is no longer used in France in commercial transactions, but “999”, since gold is considered never to be chemically pure.

gold price per gram. 999 Gold/24 Kt61.280.7856.4456.92
gold price per gram. 750 Gold/18 Kt45.9160.5942.3442.7
gold price per gram. 585 Gold/14 Kt35.7147.1432.9333.21
gold price per gram. 333 Gold/9 Kt22.9530.2921.1721.35

Gold is too soft a metal to be used in jewelry. 24 karat (999/1000) gold jewelry is easily deformed. It is for this reason that in Europe the majority of gold jewelry is made with 18 karats and 9 karats. In India, on the contrary, pure gold is valued for the manufacture of adornment, as a form of investment, the jewelry not being worn.

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