Gold Price January 2022.

In January 2022, the price of gold experienced a significant increase, as global uncertainty and economic instability drove investors to seek safe-haven assets. The price of gold reached a six-month high during the month, reaching levels not seen since July 2021.

The price of gold rose steadily throughout January, peaking at around $1,850 per ounce towards the end of the month. This represented a significant increase from the beginning of the month, when gold was trading at around $1,770 per ounce. The increase in gold prices was also reflected in the performance of gold mining stocks, which saw gains during the month as investors flocked to the sector.

In this video update from January 2022, David Jones from provides an outlook for gold trading over the next few weeks. He starts by acknowledging that 2021 was a disappointing year for gold, which ended the year down by 3.5%. He notes that the price of gold has started the year slightly flat and highlights that inflation is the main theme at the moment. Jones explains that the latest US inflation data is due to be released that week, with analysts predicting annual inflation in the US to be running around 7%. If that proves to be true, it would be the largest annual jump in inflation since 1982.

The primary driver of the increase in gold prices was the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The emergence of new variants of the virus, coupled with the slow pace of vaccine rollouts in many countries, led to renewed concerns about the global economic recovery. In addition, rising inflationary pressures, particularly in the United States, further fueled investor interest in gold as a hedge against inflation. Concerning about inflation could make it stickier than expected, and investors are nervous. As a result, gold could experience volatility next month. Traditionally, gold has been seen as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven for investors in times of trouble. However, the US dollar has fulfilled that need better from an investor’s point of view in recent years. Jones then discusses the recent news about gold and the big announcement coming that week. Investors should watch out for the upcoming US inflation data release, as it could be a significant market mover. Investor should watch the $1,770 level, as a break below that could signal further downward momentum. However, gold could get some support at the $1,800 level.

Political uncertainty also played a role in driving up the price of gold in January 2022. The aftermath of the 2020 US Presidential election and the ongoing political turmoil in many countries, including the United States, China, and Russia, led to a sense of instability and heightened risk in global markets. As a result, investors sought safe-haven assets like gold, which are traditionally seen as a reliable store of value in times of uncertainty.

Monthly historical gold prices in January 2022.

DateUSDCanadian DollarAustralian DollarIndian RupeesBritish Pound
Jan 1, 20221,894.692,388.132,477.86140,275.521,388.14
Jan 2, 20221,890.712,383.112,473.38140,436.021,387.23
Jan 3, 20221,887.362,379.392,471.04140,380.851,385.72
Jan 4, 20221,880.572,372.752,460.90139,782.751,380.09
Jan 5, 20221,866.552,357.282,434.16138,333.781,365.64
Jan 6, 20221,849.332,337.312,410.18136,527.761,346.98
Jan 7, 20221,850.972,339.892,408.78137,120.921,345.25
Jan 8, 20221,856.582,347.442,413.46137,780.171,348.28
Jan 9, 20221,849.142,340.212,408.09137,647.721,343.52
Jan 10, 20221,842.222,332.262,403.58137,308.171,337.56
Jan 11, 20221,836.542,325.912,395.63137,174.291,333.46
Jan 12, 20221,831.182,320.182,385.68136,865.611,329.40
Jan 13, 20221,833.632,322.852,384.63137,121.041,331.16
Jan 14, 20221,841.282,331.282,397.85137,758.71
Jan 16, 20221,835.612,326.912,402.28137,840.451,337.23
Jan 17, 20221,840.522,332.392,412.36138,401.021,341.15
Jan 18, 20221,849.512,342.632,429.03139,282.281,348.68
Jan 19, 20221,858.872,353.462,446.69140,107.221,356.02
Jan 20, 20221,857.122,351.102,447.70139,878.191,354.89
Jan 21, 20221,860.432,354.742,452.62140,244.601,356.83
Jan 22, 20221,861.722,356.292,452.86140,522.541,358.07
Jan 23, 20221,859.572,354.252,454.28140,336.171,356.31
Jan 24, 20221,856.882,351.852,449.90140,117.441,354.34
Jan 25, 20221,845.682,339.682,434.25138,899.771,344.36
Jan 26, 20221,834.272,327.172,415.85137,765.071,334.44
Jan 27, 20221,835.802,328.892,417.35137,951.031,334.84
Jan 28, 20221,829.632,322.272,410.68137,664.461,329.82
Jan 29, 20221,827.512,319.852,406.27137,476.101,327.96
Gold price in Canadian DollarGold price in Aus. DollarGold price in indian rupeesGold price in bri. pounds
for USD, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Indian rupees, and British pound.
Note: The data provided is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for trading or investing purposes. It is recommended that you consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

XAU/USD monthly historical data for January 2022.

DateOpenHighLowClose% Change
Jan 01, 20221,787.841,794.971,774.611,784.61-0.13%
Jan 02, 20221,785.091,792.531,774.941,778.76-0.33%
Jan 03, 20221,778.711,792.111,775.201,787.670.50%
Jan 04, 20221,787.611,808.161,782.031,803.200.87%
Jan 05, 20221,804.331,837.371,802.991,836.001.82%
Jan 06, 20221,836.341,855.931,834.091,848.520.68%
Jan 07, 20221,848.511,857.131,842.191,851.150.14%
Jan 08, 20221,849.621,858.611,840.411,849.77-0.07%
Jan 09, 20221,849.551,853.761,837.131,843.22-0.35%
Jan 10, 20221,843.161,847.291,824.711,831.80-0.62%
Jan 11, 20221,832.331,835.831,813.101,816.87-0.81%
Jan 12, 20221,815.641,822.831,799.221,812.48-0.24%
Jan 13, 20221,810.161,817.771,803.291,806.44-0.33%
Jan 14, 20221,807.061,816.461,804.531,813.060.37%
Jan 15, 20221,812.251,813.491,804.411,808.48-0.25%
Jan 16, 20221,797.891,806.571,785.211,790.23-0.43%
Jan 17, 20221,790.111,793.081,778.171,782.95-0.41%
Jan 18, 20221,783.681,798.601,775.621,797.200.80%
Jan 19, 20221,795.951,802.181,784.911,791.70-0.31%
Jan 20, 20221,792.511,805.731,790.121,799.570.44%
Jan 21, 20221,799.241,821.011,795.841,819.891.13%
Jan 22, 20221,819.611,827.511,813.491,823.720.21%
Jan 23, 20221,823.801,824.691,804.321,808.46-0.84%
Jan 24, 20221,808.101,812.971,787.481,790.83-0.97%
Jan 25, 20221,789.871,797.881,778.541,795.850.28%
Jan 26, 20221,797.811,813.191,793.811,810.560.82%
Jan 27, 20221,810.061,823.041,802.881,816.540.33%
Jan 28, 20221,816.071,817.881,806.921,812.03-0.25%
Jan 29, 20221,812.731,815.271,802.341,804.88-0.40%
Jan 30, 20221,804.681,814.721,797.051,804.63-0.01%

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