Gold mark another all time high tonight.

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But who gives a damn anyway? 2200, let’s see how long this one holds up…
I’ll give it a day, the bulls will cash in, and down goes the price back to 2150, mark my words. But hey, it’s progressing, I suppose. Certainly beats my silver stack, which I just managed to break even on…

And the government has the nerve to claim inflation is on the decline.

Initially, when gold hit around 2,180 back on March 8-10ish, I thought it was running out of steam and due for a pullback. But with this descending wedge forming, there’s a chance gold could hit 2,300 from here. Time will tell.

So, keep stacking and remember, Gold is dirt cheap right now, compared to where it’ll be in 8 years. Keep stacking. The thing is, this surge isn’t exclusive to gold. It’s stocks, crypto, silver—everything’s on the rise. Nobody’s buying into the Fed’s nonsense. I wouldn’t be shocked if gold maintains a steady upward trend for the foreseeable future.

If you started stacking with dreams of striking it rich, you missed the mark. If you’re fixated on the gold price hoping for endless growth, you’ve missed the point. As many folks here will attest, gold isn’t an investment; it’s a safeguard against inflation.

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