Walmart: Gold is cheaper than APMEX .

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Can you believe that Walmart is actually selling Silver and Gold Bullion now? I mean, it might sound surprising, but it’s true! While we all know that Amazon offers bullion at premium prices, Walmart, of all places, is giving them some stiff competition.

In fact, I’ve noticed that for certain items, Walmart’s prices are even lower than what you’d find on APMEX.COM. Even lower than the famous Costco gold bars

What’s even more enticing is that if you happen to have a Walmart credit card, you can get a sweet 5% cashback on these orders. Plus, they offer the convenience of credit card payments and lightning-fast shipping.

I decided to give it a shot, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. My order was delivered in just 4 days – talk about awesome service! Back in my early days of stacking, I used to buy from APMEX and paid quite a bit for the same items. This Walmart deal more than makes up for what I spent back then. One interesting thing I’ve observed is that Walmart tends to sell out on Saturdays, but the items magically reappear in stock on Sunday or Monday. It’s possible that they manually manage inventory on Walmart’s marketplace platform, which could explain this delay compared to a direct real-time inventory feed.

So, who’s up for giving this a try? It might just be your new go-to place for bullion shopping!

Previously, SD Bullion was a vendor on Walmart’s platform; however, as of 2020, they ceased their association. Given my participation in online surveys, which rewards me with gift cards for various establishments, I have managed to acquire approximately 200 troy ounces of silver over the past two to three years by redeeming these gift cards for bullion purchases from Walmart and Apmex.

Unfortunately, I recently encountered an issue with Walmart’s policy regarding gift card usage for silver and gold coin and bullion purchases. This practice had been a monthly routine for me for over a year, but suddenly, it came to a halt. I received a notification citing location restrictions, resulting in the cancellation of my orders. I found this decision to be quite vexing, as Walmart had previously permitted the exchange of gift cards for precious metals. Regrettably, they altered their policy a few months ago, now automatically canceling orders and citing location restrictions, when in reality, it appears to be Walmart’s reluctance to accept gift cards in exchange for gold and silver.

Don’t forget the additional 5% off from the price.

Are you considering the inclusion of the 5% cashback offered by the Walmart Mastercard in your overall calculations? When you perform the arithmetic, it becomes evident that one can acquire an ounce of gold from at a price $16 below the market spot rate. I have reservations about whether other reputed cheap dealer like Gainesville can match this offer. SD Bullion, on the other hand, is only $10 cheaper than Walmart when it comes to bar gold. Consequently, it may not represent as significant a bargain as initially perceived.

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