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With the dollar falling an unbelievable 86%, expectations of a massive US inflation and gold ira rollovercollapse of the world’s economies, the Gold IRA market is your most profitable choice for building a stable financial retirement platform. Not even “big oil” can touch this commodity.

Billionaires George Soros and John Paulson recently increased their holdings in this precious metal by 50% and 26%, respectfully. Their total stakes in gold are currently over $3.5 billion.

According to the IMF and World Bank, countries all over the globe such as the United States, China, Russia, Germany, India, France, Japan and Italy are buying and stockpiling gold to strengthen and protect their economies and financial systems.

This is why it is time to liquidate your assets in this yellow metal and completely secure your family and/or business funds for generations to come. However, there is a problem…Sifting through hundreds of reviews relating to gold investment companies can be frustrating, misleading and confusing. This is a major undertaking which will affect your net worth and future.

So What Should You Do Now?

Choosing A Gold Investment Company.

Who?Where?Editor note
American BullionLos Angeles, California
Rosland CapitalLos Angeles, California
Birch GoldBurbank, California★★★★★
Lear CapitalLos Angeles, California★★★★★
Gold IRA Rollover Companies’ Facts and Ratings

If you have never invested in gold before, it would be a great idea to review the table above and decide if you want to either:

  • Buy physical gold bars, silver bars and coins
  • Place gold in an Individual Retirement Account
  • Rollover an existing 401K

Many companies just expect you to make an investment and will not take any time to explain the whole process to you. This is enough to make any potential investor nervous. This is your investment and your future, which is why you should be wary of companies that push you towards a decision without first educating you about your different options.

For example, the World Gold Council recently stated that China’s demand for gold is expected to rise by 20% to 1,350 tons per year, as the country becomes wealthier. In addition, the Western markets demand for gold bars and coins continues to increase also, particularly the US consumers.

However, you may decide to rollover your 401k into a gold IRA instead of purchasing gold and silver bars.

The success or failure of your venture largely depends on the company you choose to invest with. Therefore, you should pick a company that will help you understand the process and one that is willing to go through all the baby steps with you. Here are a few tips you should consider when picking a company to invest with:

Company’s Track Record and Reputation.

The best gold IRA companies have an excellent reputation and ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Business Consumer Alliance and other pertinent rating entities (trustpilot and Google Review). You might also want to check online for customer testimonials and reviews because it always pays to know what other investors have to say about the company. You should consider how current clients rate the company and check for any write ups in reputable publications. Therefore, this is one of those times when stalking actually helps, as you should find out as much about the company as humanly possible before deciding to do business with them.

Customer Service.

As we mentioned previously, it is important to invest with a gold company that provides excellent customer service. While many companies brag about how well they attend to their clients’ needs, only a few live up to that promise. They should have a toll-free number, live online chat and an email address where you can reach them for any questions or complaints. The absence of good communication should make any current or potential investor worried. Invest with a company that replies to your queries promptly and takes time to explain their services.

Educational Materials.

It is a good sign when study packages and data are supplied to you that will help in understanding the intricacies related to this type of venture, especially if this is a relatively new investment option. Regal Assets, for example, will mail you an amazing FREE investment kit which you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Complete transparency should be a key factor in the process of choosing the right corporation.

Gold IRA Rules Governing Products Offered.

A reputable company should have products available that passes the stringent guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has rules as to what metals can or cannot be placed inside your Individual Retirement Account. Thus, the company you choose should only have options that the IRS approves of. With regard to gold, the minimum fineness allowed is .995. Anything lower than that is unacceptable.

The companies in the table on this page understand that clients like you want a diverse number of products to choose from such as gold coins, gold bars and other precious metals such as silver.

IRA Custodians and Fees.

One of the principal aspects to consider when choosing to invest in gold is the annual fee associated with this process. The cost is normally small thus, it would be best to check with the custodian of your account.

In addition, it would be wise to store your gold bars and coins at your local bank safe deposit box instead of your home vault. Renting a safe deposit box usually involves a low yearly maintenance fee and key deposit fee. The total average cost is $40 to $75.

The History of Gold.

“Why should I buy gold?”

Gold has been around for thousands of years and has woven itself into hundreds of cultures. People started to use gold to make coins around 800 B.C. and nearly three hundred years later, the first pure gold coins were molded into existence during the reign of King Croesus of Lydia.

Gold has traveled through history, being a filler for coins, a precious metal to decorate furniture and home decor, and a main part of jewelry, like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. People have started to use gold for investing as opposed to paper and coins, since gold has firmly maintained its value throughout the years.
The rise to invest in gold has taken the economic world by storm and people see gold as a way to preserve their well-earned wealth and pass it on to the next generation.

So even from its very first moment of existence, gold has been steadfast and valuable to nearly every culture in the world. While it may fluctuate from time to time, on average, gold is the best investment because it is a commodity that will never lose its place in society.

Designing A Safety Net for Your Investments

“Should I buy gold now?”

The global economy is facing a major setback and the effects of the recession have not disappeared. This clearly means that you cannot be sure about the money that you have earned and the dollars that you have profited. No amount of 401(k) investment or stocks are going to save you from the ill effects of erratic economies.

Billionaires, millionaires and smart investors understand that gold will be their only savior in times of need. It is literally inflation and recession proof…making it an extremely valuable investment, regardless of the time.

There are many varied accounts that can be rolled over to this yellow metal. It includes the conventional 401(k) plan, Roth IRA, 403(b) plan, conventional IRA, 457(b) plan, SEP, pension plans and even a few specific kinds of annuities.

The Advantages of a Gold IRA For You and Your Family

Beginners Guide To Investing In Gold

Now that you’ve finally decided to follow the yellow brick road and invest some of your money in gold, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Know what kind of role the gold will play in your portfolio. Before even placing an order for gold, know how you want your gold to affect your portfolio and how things will play out.
  2. Decide how much gold you want. Some people invest in very little, while other invest in quite a lot. Most people end up putting 10%-20% of their money into gold. Others strive for 30%. The amount you invest usually depends on your level of concern for the fate of the economy.
  3. Decide what kind of gold you want. Believe it or not, there’s actually a few different types of gold that you can invest in. Most people split up their investment between modern-day gold coins and pre-1933 coins that have significant value, as each play a different role in a portfolio.
  1. Choose a firm. There are hundreds of gold firms out there and it is crucial you do your homework and sift through the good and the bad. Our experts have already done the research for you and summarized the top companies according to their history, their ratings, their trust levels, prices, and their reviews from previous customers. Regal Assets rose to the top of our list as the most trusted company to buy gold and/or to rollover your 401K.

As stated earlier, the U.S. Dollar was once a powerful currency but it continues to spiral into a steady decline. Fortunately, there are investment options available that can help secure your future and finances. This is why it is time to invest in a currency that is not made of paper, is more profitable than oil and one that will never lose its value…GOLD.

How Do I Invest In Gold ?

You can either (1) purchase physical gold bullion, (2) invest in a gold IRA account or (3) rollover your 401K.

However, please keep in mind that some trustees or custodians at various firms may not offer all of these options. If you have a self-directed IRA, you may do so. This type of Individual Retirement Account allows you to choose how your funds are invested instead of leaving the decision to a trustee or a custodian. This provides you with the flexibility you need to invest your money in whatever commodity you choose. This is helpful because you will always know where your money is.

Big Tip: If you choose to buy gold or silver bars, the majority of your supply should be stored in a depository such as your local bank vault for maximum security.

Why Maximum Investment Benefits Can Be Gained from Gold?

There are many reasons why you should buy gold return vs stock market return and rollover your investments in gold vs. investing in the stock market. One of the strongest factors is the highly threatening fall of the US dollar which was discussed earlier in this article. Because of the decline of currencies and inflation, your investments will be affected now and in the future.

A second reason is the massive profits!

Let’s take an example: $10,000

Let’s assume in January 2000, you invested $10,000 in the stock market and kept the shares until today, September 2014. Your stock would be worth approximately $12,140.

That’s a return of 21.4% over a 14-year period.

So how would gold perform in the same time frame?

In January 2000, gold was $282 per ounce. Gold closed in September 2014, at $1,286.

Therefore, if you invested $10,000 in physical gold in January 2000, it would have a value of $45,600 in 2014.

That is a total return of 456%.

Comparing the final results of a $10,000 investment over 14 years:

Stock Market – $12,140
Gold – $45,600
A third reason is the high demand of gold and its low supply. This alone continually increases the value. As seen in the above example, you will gain the highest profit from this kind of investment. You can obtain long-term stability along with investment diversity, security and safety.

How Can Physical Gold Improve My Financial Portfolio?

As per the current financial scenario, gold is considered as one of the most beneficial means of investments! It can provide the largest monetary benefits for you, your family and business. Past and present stock-market volatility has ultimately resulted in the highest demand for gold investments.

Buying shares or stocks can be risky these days due to the constant fluctuations of the stock rates. It resembles a rollercoaster. In addition, the declining rate of dollars in the international market can definitely affect your investments in a negative way, and this is the reason that maximum investment experts highly advise their clients to diversify. Investment diversification can be achieved successfully by means of making investments in gold, silver and other precious metals.

Gold investment normally includes an investment in the commodity market, as gold is considered as one of the essential commodities of the commodity market. The commodity market usually moves in the opposite direction to that of the stock market and this is the reason that when the stock process declines in the market, the prices of the commodities go upwards. If you make diversified investments in gold, then your loss from stocks can be highly compensated via the profits gained from gold investment.

Subsequently, your overall investment portfolio can be effectively managed and maintained in a proper way. You can buy gold bars with the vision of selling them to gold dealers at an inflated price. In this case, your original investment will not only remain protected, but you also gain a huge profit without any loss.

Gold bars are really valuable assets and are highly efficient in meeting your emergency or immediate requirements. Investing in gold bars means you can achieve high-level financial freedom. Making an investment in Gold IRA is a wise decision for any investor as doing so can not only help you to gain profit, but you can also have the brokerage or commissions of each transaction made online. Changing economic conditions will never affect the gold process and thus, your investment risks can be largely reduced. If you want to have safe and secured investment and want to avoid investment loss, then nothing can be a better option than investing in gold. You can also make investments in gold bullions in order to achieve similar investment benefits.

The Uncertain Economy and The Stock Market.

In today’s economy, everyone is trying to make sure that they will have money when the economy hits another slump. After all, nothing is worse than being stuck without money in such a hard time. Most people want to invest their money, but thanks to smart research and historical data, the stock market is too risky.

If you don’t know where to invest, check out the table of reviewed companies at the top of this article. Investing in gold is a smart economical move that will end up securing your retirement years. As the weakness of the world’s currencies continue, the urge to invest in another alternative rises! While every other form of money seems to be unreliable, gold is the one which stands out above the rest.

What’s Next After Investing in Gold?

Now that you’ve taken the plunge and invested a bit of your IRA money into gold, stay updated with your portfolio and how the economy changes. By now, you should be feeling a little better knowing that part of your IRA money is set in gold. Even as the economy takes some interesting turns, you will sleep well at night knowing that your money is maintained in gold and other precious metals.

After all, gold is one of the most popular forms of investment in today’s economy. As the value of the dollar goes out of control, most consumers steady themselves by investing in gold because while the value of the dollar changes, it remains the same. An increase in gold has jumped, since more and more people have been migrating towards it to invest in.
But because it has increased, less and less gold will be available for purchase, raising the urgency to invest in it before it’s too late.

In A Nutshell.

Gold has been around for thousands of years, serving both as money and as jewelry. While the economy has wandered down different paths, gold has remained steadfast and has not varied too much in value, making it a safe and smart investment. Gold has been steadfast not just in the United States, but around the world, and it is ready to become the best investment you’ll ever make.

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