Gold Investment for Beginners.

There are many questions that beginners often ask themselves when considering investing in gold. In uncertain financial times many an investor has retreated back into gold waiting out the stock market turmoil. Such actions have seen the value of gold increase many time over in the last few years. The media is beset with programmes showing you how to sell your gold, how to buy scrap gold, as well as how to invest in gold coins. I’ve created this section of the site so that hopefully I can answer many of the questions you may have when starting out and considering gold as part of your portfolio.

Your early gold investment decision will obviously impact how you continue to invest so I think that you need to know how to invest in gold the safest way possible. Common sense plays a huge part here so if you are in any doubt always consult a financial investment professional before departing with your hard earned money. With that said there are thriving online marketplaces that you can consider. The obvious one is eBay but the sellers there are getting very savvy so you may not always get the best deal possible. The US Mint has a gold coins dealer list which you can use to find local reputable dealers so phone around and shop for the best deal.

Gold is one of the commodities that features a storied history of being highly sought after. It was used to line the coffers of kingdom treasuries, to buy the supplies need to survive in the wilds to dig for more gold, and as ornamental and utility decoration for a number of cultures. No other material has had this kind of appeal over multiple cultures for thousands of years. 

Those interested in how to buy gold for investment should know that investors are finding gold coins to be a great way to purchase this metal. They are small, beautiful and easy to store and handle. They are also easy to acquire. 

In order to receive the best offers, owners of gold coins should keep all certificates related to their coins in a secure place such as a safe deposit box. Certificates of authenticity provide gold dealers with helpful information as far as assessing a gold coin’s value accurately. The better the condition of the gold coins, the better the chances an owner has of receiving a good offer as well. 

If you’re thinking of buying gold bullion, you should also consider learning about how and where to sell them as well. For instance, if you own gold bullion for under a year before you decide to sell, it is taxed as part of your regular income. Alternatively, if you hold on to it for over a year, your gains are taxed 28% at the most.

By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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