Gold Holds almost $1900 Ahead of US Non-Farm Payrolls.

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Following weak manufacturing data all around the world, data released yesterday showed services sector slowed down as well, indicating that weakness in manufacturing started spreading into services sector and this increased recession worries while gold spot prices on held above $1,897 ahead of US non-farm payrolls due later today. As recent weak data led to worries regarding global growth and increase expectations for another rate cut by the Fed at the end of march Fed’s Vice Chairman Richard Clarida said yesterday that the economy was in good place and financial conditions were not so tight while adding that recession risk would not be high if Fed set the right interest rate policy.

GOLD SPOT / U.S. DOLLAR on 19/02/2022

As recession worries increased due to slowing services sector alongside with contracting manufacturing in major economies, gold prices held steady on Friday since investors were locked for US non-farm payrolls data later today.

As of 15:05 GMT+3, spot gold was trading at $1,897.58 while dollar index was at 98.77. US 10-year Treasury yield was down to 1.532.

ANZ analyst Daniel Hynes said on Reuters that recent disappointing data from the US supported gold investment while adding that upside momentum would be strong if US non-farm payrolls data were to be below expectations.

As worries on the US economy increased after data released earlier showed that manufacturing sector contracted the worst in 10 years and services sector grew the weakest in 3 years, chances that non-farm payrolls later today staying below expected 145,000 increased demands for safe havens.

Moreover, slowing economy increased chances for another rate cut by the Fed at the end of the month, following two rate cuts this year, while Fed’s Vice Chair Richard Clarida said yesterday that a recession could be avoided by setting the right interest rate policy. Clarida stated the economy was in good place and financial conditions were not so tight while giving no signal for another rate cut however reiterated the Fed would act as appropriate to sustain economic growth.

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