Avers y Revers de la copie de la 10 Francs en Or Coq Marianne 1900. Le demi napoleon or 1900 est une Pièce d'Or francaise de 3,22 gramme d'or titrant 900‰ d'un diamètre de 19,00 mm.

Gold French 10 Franc Coins.

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The specification of the gold 10 Francs coins remained consistent over the almost seven decades they were minted. They had a diameter of 19.00 millimeters and a weight of 3.20 grams. With a fineness of 900.0, equivalent to 21.6 carats, the French 10 Franc coins contained 2.88 grams of pure gold.

The engravings on these coins varied, with early examples featuring a portrait of Napoleon III. One of the most famous designs that appeared on the 10 Francs Gold Coin during its production run was the Gallic Rooster, which is still an unofficial symbol of France today. The 10 Francs Rooster Coin, struck from 1899 to 1914, featured the confident stride of the Gallic Rooster, along with the French national motto of “Liberte Egalite Fraternite” on the obverse.

Another popular design was the original design used on the 10 Francs Gold Coin, featuring a right-profile portrait of Napoleon III on the obverse, with the engravings “Napoleon III” and “Empereur” surrounding his bust. The obverse of the coin showed Marianne, the female personification of the French Republic, crowned with oak leaves. The reverse featured a rooster, also known as the Gallic cock, a symbol of courage and bravery.

Gold 10 Franc coins featuring Marianne were minted in the early nineteenth century, with several other designs used previously. The Franc, produced in both Switzerland and France for almost 100 years, was one of the most traded and used coins on the European continent, serving a role similar to that of the Euro today. These 10 Francs Gold Coins will be issued with random years of issue and style based on inventory and are in average circulation condition.

The different 10 Francs gold coins available on the market.

The 10 Francs Gold coins of the Second Republic 1850 and 1851 with the Ceres design

10 Francs Gold coins 1850592.05110 Francs Gold coins 18513.115.226

The 10 Francs Gold coins of the period 1854-1860 with the bare head of Napoleon III.

1854A1.357.70510 Francs Gold coins 1858 A7.576.123
10 Francs Gold coins 1854 A2.559.01210 Francs Gold coins 1858 BB676.924
10 Francs Gold coins 1855 A940.06710 Francs Gold coins 1859 A10.078.154
10 Francs Gold coins 1855 A5.175.45110 Francs Gold coins 1859 BB3.216.710
10 Francs Gold coins 1855 BB32.14610 Francs Gold coins 1860 A5.985.069
10 Francs Gold coins 1856 A10.774.11510 Francs Gold coins 1860 BB3.101.032
10 Francs Gold coins 1857 A14.476.653

The 10 Francs Gold coins of the period 1862-1868 with the laureate head of Napoleon III.

10 Francs Gold coins 1862 A3.206.77610 Francs Gold coins 1864 A3.339.13310 Francs Gold coins 1866 BB2.849.356
10 Francs Gold coins 1862 BB1.505.34210 Francs Gold coins 1864 BB1.527.08510 Francs Gold coins 1867 A1.296.234
10 Francs Gold coins 1863A2.346.26510 Francs Gold coins 1865A1.672.38910 Francs Gold coins 1867 BB2.272.332
10 Francs Gold coins 1863 BB1.905.37210 Francs Gold coins 1865 BB1.498.75810 Francs Gold coins 1868 A3.324.729
  10 Francs Gold coins 1866 A3.719.74810 Francs Gold coins 1868 BB1.430.556

The 10 Francs Gold coins of the Third Republic: 1871-1940.

The 10 Francs Gold coins of Ceres from 1895-1896 and 1899.

10 Francs or type Cérès
10 Francs Gold coins 1895213.99910 Francs Gold coins 1896585.01010 Francs Gold coins 18991.600.000

Tableaux des 10 francs cérès par année et volume.

Gold coins featuring the Gallic Rooster and Marianne, minted from 1899 to 1914.

10 Francs or Coq Marianne
10 Francs Gold coins 1899689.50310 Francs Gold coins 19063.665.35310 Francs Gold coins 19102.109.687
10 Francs Gold coins 19001.570.43310 Francs Gold coins 19073.363.87510 Francs Gold coins 19111.880.865
10 Francs Gold coins 19012.100.00110 Francs Gold coins 19081.650.33710 Francs Gold coins 19121.755.507
10 Francs Gold coins 19051.425.63310 Francs Gold coins 1909598.79510 Francs Gold coins 19143.047.853

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