Gold Carats by purity.

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Typically, gold is graded by the “carat”. 24 carat gold being the finest and 1 carat being the most impure. Every wondered the true gold content of 9 carat gold, 14 carat gold, 18 carat gold and more?

The table below shows gold purity next to gold carats. Gold will often be mixed with “filler metals” such as silver and copper to combat the softness of pure 24 carat gold.

Gold Carats Explained: Real gold content by purity [%]

CaratGold Content [Purity]
24 carat gold99%
22 carat gold91.6%
21 carat gold87.5%
20 carat gold83.3%
18 carat gold75.0%
15 carat gold62.5%
14 carat gold58.5%
10 carat gold41.7%
carat gold37.5%
8 carat gold33.3%
1 carat gold4.2%
*Table showing gold carats next to gold purity

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