Gold at 2000 per oz.

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Recently gold reached the highest price it has seen in almost 30 years. Gold prices have surged 75% in the last 24-36 months. What is gold worth? Well, gold is used as a hedge against government printing of money. When it hit $850.00 an oz. in 1980, our US Treasury’s debt was one trillion dollars.

Gold as investment: Today, the US Treasury owes over 8.6 trillion dollars, which is over eight times more. In 1980, India and China were considered poor countries. Now they have the fastest growing economies in the world. They want all the gold and silver they can get. But our supply is diminishing every year. We use so much more than are being replenished. That is why now is a perfect time to start maximizing your gold portfolio.

How high will the price of gold be: $2,000.00 an oz., $2,500.00 oz., or even $3,000.00 an oz.? If 10% of the people in this world make 90% of the money in this world, less than 10% of the people make their buys at the right time.

I truly believe this is and has been the right time to buy gold and silver. There are tremendous opportunities to purchase gold and silver at this time. There has never been a better time to start investing in gold coins.

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  1. I made my initial gold purchase and received advice from a representative suggesting that silver was currently a more advantageous…

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