Getting kicked out without a 30-day notice?

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A question by :  I live with my brother and sister. They want to kick me out because I wasn’t able to watch my sister’s kids so they are going against me and want me out. Can they kick me out without a 30-day notice? I paid Mays rent already. (I live in Illinois) ?


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For nonpayment of rent or other lease infractions, a 3-Day Notice is typical in the majority of jurisdictions. Given that the lease permits it, the landlord would typically offer a 30-Day Notice if they were merely requesting the tenant to vacate. Because every state is distinct, you should speak with a local real estate attorney. In the end, there are circumstances that can arise that would let a landlord start an eviction without giving a 30-day notice. The regulations of the area where the property is located determine the answer to your query. In Connecticut, where my rental property is situated, a 30-day notice is not required. The alternative is a 5-day Notice to Quit Possession filed by the landlord. I can begin formal eviction proceedings with the housing court if the tenant doesn’t pay up or vacate within that time frame.


“No, I don’t think so, it’s a legal reason to kick you out from the house unless until you are endangering anyone in the household. At least they need to give you 30 days’ notice periods in written, after that only you can leave the house. I would like to guidance you please take care of your.”


“If you are an established tenant, you are entitled to 30 days’ notice. However, it seems you have a special arrangement with them to watch their kids and so if you violated that contract, then just go when you can. Bickering over a few days or 3 or 4 weeks with family is.”


“No. They have to give you at least 30 days. If they waited until after April 30 to tell you, they have to give you until the end of June to move out (and you will have to pay rent for June). But life will be easier if you can find somewhere else to live by the end of May. I would start looking.”


“If you pay on a month to month (even if you are not on the lease), then they have to give you 30-day’s notice; and the 30 days starts on the first day of the following month. If they gave you notice on April 30, it would start on May 1 and you have until May 30 to move. If they gave you.”


“If you already paid May rent just leave at the end of May, they can’t evict you that quickly but do you want to have to make them take you to court? The landlord might since they are renting and you aren’t on the lease so you may get everyone evicted.”


“Only if they prove that you are endangering anyone in the household. Ask for a pro rate return (refund on days not staying there) and move out.”


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