Get a security deposit back?

A question by kayleigh :  If there is nothing wrong with the apartment when you move out, should you get your security deposit back??


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Although I’m not a lawyer, this is very simple. You first write him a demand letter outlining your justifications for leaving without providing 30 days’ notice.

What should I do if I don’t get my security deposit back on schedule?

Examine your lease. Too many people anticipate its return too quickly. As per my leases, I have 30 days to check the property after the unit is empty and the keys have been returned. I have 30 days to price any necessary repairs before sending the remaining payment (if any) to the address provided. So, as you can see, even while I submit it promptly—the sooner I mail it, the sooner I may have the property rented once more—I still have up to 60 days to do so. If you provided a proper forwarding address, it will take less time than if I address it to the unit address, which I do not always have.


“There have been countless times someone moves out and tells me the apartment is clean and I go in and it is a wreck and very dirty. In Texas, I have the right to hire people to come in and clean to get it back to the way it was when they moved in… normal wear and tear excepted. Each state has its own rules and you should get an exact accounting and most likely receive your deposit and that letter within 30 days. You have to have followed all the rules too.”


“As long as you do not owe any rent, late fees, or for any service calls during your tenancy AND you are not breaking your lease AND the unit is as good or better condition than when you moved in AND you gave your forwarding address, you should get your security deposit back.”

Source(s): FL landlords

“Not a given no. If you leave owing any rent, break the lease or fail to give proper notice then they can take that out of your deposit as well. To get it back you need to leave not owing any money, no damages & no cleaning needed.”


“you should BUT you need to do a few things to ensure you get the dep refunded to you : make a list of anything that looks like it needs to be repaired or cleaned / take photos with an actual camera of all of the apt / have the manager do a walk thru with you, and have him or her look at your list and make corrections and check off all items / give a copy of the list to the mgr ( and copies of the photos if needed )……………..within 30 days, the mgr is required to refund your dep minus anything that needs cleaning or repair & an itemized invoice must be provided to you if there is a reason to use any of the dep funds”


“As long as you give proper notice and have not broken your lease, then yes.”


“Some of it, yes – less cleaning and carpet cleaning and any damages, to which they are entitled.”


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