Gas bill extremely high?

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So last month I submitted my gas reading wrong (long shift, very tired, wrong time to do it 😂) and I had a letter come through today letting me know my bill this month coming would be £2200, obviously an error I rang up to explain and try and rectify it.  Their reply in short was “well that’s what you submitted so that’s what we go by” which is very descriptive as to help me understand. I then went through the math with them, explaining that at the rate they charge per kwh if we had had the gas on 24 hours a day for the entire month it wouldn’t even add up to half that figure and again they just said “well we have to go by what you submit” 

Is this really the case? Our bill is normally £80-£100p/m and even with 14 months at this price they still say the bill fits the norm if we were to use it more. 

Can anyone offer any advise? 


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Because Biden restricted the supply, gas prices increased. Due to increasing natural gas costs brought on by Biden, electricity prices have only slightly increased.


“Yes ask to speak to a Manager and threaten them with the ombudsman. Also tell them you will be changing suppliers.Don’t back down, it’s ridiculous.UK..”

David Lin, Professeur

“The word is ADVICE, not advise.  Why are you so stubborn?  You were told that they go by what you submit, so why are you not submitting a “corrected gas reading” for that month?  The solution is simple, if you were not so bone headed about it..”


“I’d send them what you think is the right amount with an additional margin because next month there will be a large correction on the bill.  If you send them £2200 they will likely take months to process a refund (funny how they insist on being paid within a few days at the most when you owe month but when they owe you money, it suddenly takes months to get it back to you)..”

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