Engelhard Silver ingots and Bullion Bars.

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If you collect silver bullion bars, Engelhard Silver Ingots are much more than likely a part of one’s collection. These gorgeous bars have not been mass produced because the 1980′s, so getting 1 can be extremely tricky. The easiest way would be to buy is from an investor on sites like Ebay.

Engelhard has a spotless reputation for the quality and purity of their bullion bars, and also the bars are always stamped with the precise purity of silver contained. Collectors adore this brand, because they know that they’ve the capability to sell or buy with confidence regardless of exactly where the investor is situated, nearly anywhere in the globe.

Silver ingots from Engelhard Corp.

Vintage one ounce Engelhard silver bar 

Engelhard bars are becoming scarcer, but you can still find old ones at coin shows from time to time. Vintage silver can develop all sorts of toning, in bluish or yellowish tone. the “MC” under the E logo on 1 ounce Engelhard bar MC stands for “Metals Chemicals”. If the bar has a bull logo, it was made in Canada.

Silver 10 oz Engelhard bar.

Over a period of a little much more than ten years, Engelhard made several versions of 10-oz .999 fine (99.9% pure) silver bars. The earlier 10-oz silver bars had been poured; the later versions had been struck. The 1 shown on this page is 1 of Engelhard’s earliest forms of its struck 10-oz silver bars.

This really is the first style of Engelhard struck 10-oz .999 fine silver ingots that Engelhard produced. This ingot is shorter and thicker than the struck 10-oz silver bars that Engelhard was producing when it ceased generating silver bars in the mid-1980s. Originally, all Engelhard 10-oz silver ingots were sealed in vinyl, but rarely are they still in their protective coverings when they show up within the secondary marketplace.

The ten and 1-hundred-ounce ingots have been the most well-liked with the silver bars with investors. Investing in one-hundred-ounce bars is popular, simply because you can invest in pure silver and at the exact same time steer clear of the premiums generally discovered on legal bullion coins.

All struck silver bars, 10-oz silver ingots and 100-oz silver bars, carry highly reflective finishes, which clearly exhibit silver’s light reflectivity. (Silver is the lightest reflective of all metals and is utilized in mirrors.) Further, Engelhard struck 10-oz silver ingots have raised lettering, as opposed towards the poured bars, which had been marked by way of the traditional method of stamping the manufacturer’s hallmark into the bars. This style Engelhard 10-oz silver ingot measures 2-5/8″ X 1″ X 1/2″.

Engelhard 10-oz silver ingots are accessible only within the secondary market, that is not frequently. Investors wanting 10-oz silver bars will most likely have to choose in between Sunshine Minting, Wall Street Mint and A-Mark 10-oz silver bars, which are the premier 10-oz silver bars currently becoming produced.

Engelhard Silver ingots Features

  • Most Engelhard 1-ounce silver Lingots have serial numbers (two don’t, but are otherwise identical to other bars). The bars without serial numbers should be regarded as art bars.
  • Most have serial numbers beginning with 2 letters (the first being ‘F’ or ‘P’). The exceptions that 2 varieties which are just numbers, and ingots with a ‘P’ with no other letter.
  • Most have serial numbers ending in 5 numbers. The exceptions are some that have no letter prefixes, and ‘PB’ (which have 6 digits)
  • In most instances, it appears that when the numbers reach ’99999′, the 2nd letter is increased (e.g., following FA99999 is developed, FB00000 or FB00001 is created).
  • There is at least one case exactly where 1 style has serial numbers beginning with each ‘F’ and ‘P’ (the ‘Wide ‘E’ centered, with FA, FB, PX, and PZ).
  • There is a minimum of 1 case where two designs appear to share the same prefix (FB seems to be shared by two designs)
  • We count about 45 various prefixes, and the no-prefix 5 digit, for a total possible 4.5 million 1-ounce Engelhard silver bars, plus the 6-digit variety could produce as much as 5.5 million (plus varieties we do not have listed).

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