Draped Bust Gold $5 Half Eagle, 1807 to 1817.

John Reich designed the Draped Bust Half Eagle, which was minted from 1807 – 1812. The eagle on the reverse was modified somewhat, and the front image of Liberty is shown wearing a round cap and facing left. The reverse also featured the inscription ‘5D’ to indicate its value, the first time this designation was used on the coin. A modified version of the Draped Bust was minted in 1813. This version removed much of the lower bust, providing a larger image of Liberty, and was minted through 1834. Another revision in 1829 reduced the diameter of the coin to 23.8mm.

By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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