Do you remember ebay bucks’ program to buy gold coins…

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The eBay Bucks program has undergone significant changes, leading to a shift in the way many gold enthusiasts approach their precious metal investments. In the past, it was feasible to acquire Pre-33 gold coins from Liberty Coin at prices below the prevailing spot rates. This trend was reminiscent of the early days of the Bing search engine, which offered a generous 25% cashback on items discovered through their search platform. Savvy buyers would first locate items on eBay and then utilize Bing to search for the same products, effectively maximizing their cashback rewards.

However, those days have passed, and the gold market landscape has evolved.

It’s worth noting that eBay has imposed restrictions, prohibiting the use of eBay Funds for purchasing gold, silver, coins, and certain other categories of items. Previously, a methodical strategy was employed, wherein shoppers could optimize discounts by applying the $50 credit as a fixed sum per item, allowing for the acquisition of the most affordable gold pieces. Regrettably, this approach was discontinued after it gained widespread attention.

Previously, it was not uncommon to find gold offered at discounts of 5% or more below the spot price. In response to the transformation in the eBay Bucks program, many gold buyers have shifted their focus towards private transactions, occasional visits to local coin shops, and interactions with online dealers over the past year and a half. Among these options, online platforms provide an attractive blend of competitive prices and a broader array of gold choices.

Despite these shifts in the market, some buyers remain steadfast in their commitment to precious metal acquisitions. They emphasize the importance of security and authenticity in their transactions, with a particular focus on one-ounce common gold coins. While some employ advanced tools like the Sigma Precious Metal Verifier (PMV) for verification, others find comfort in engaging with local private sellers, often choosing secure meeting locations such as banks. This approach enables them to perform vital authenticity checks through methods like “pinging,” weighing, measuring, and visual inspection.

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