Do I Qualify for a Stimulus Check?

A question by Alex :  I’m a 19 year old college student currently living at home due to my dorm closing. I worked a job and filed my taxes for 2019, but I do believe that I’m still a dependent. Will I be getting a stimulus check? From what I see, only dependents under 16 get one which is dumb. What is a 15 year old doing with $500 that a college student can’t use for their expenses??


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“Dependents don’t get checks on their own–their PARENTS get an allowance for each child added to their base payment of $1200 or $2400. If you filed taxes, you can go to the IRS website to see if you are eligible and will receive a payment based on your OWN tax return. (It doesn’t matter where you live.) The web address for this is You will need information from your 2019 return, such as your Adjusted Gross Income and refund or tax payment amount, as well as personal information such as SSN, address, and date of birth. The website may be difficult to get working–so be VERY PATIENT. It’s overwhelmed. It will tell you if you are eligible, if they have your direct deposit information and if they don’t have it, you will be able to enter it on that same site..”

Christin K

“No. Dependents do not get stimulus checks. No dependents get stimulus checks, at any age.Dependents over 16 don’t get one and dependents under 16 don’t get one. The $500 does not to to the dependent. It goes to the parent who claims the dependent. It is added to the stimulus check of the parent who claims the dependent. It is not a separate check and it does not go to the dependent..”


“If you can be claimed as a dependent, you cannot receive a stimulus payment. “From what I see, only dependents under 16 get one….” Being in college, you need to read more analytically. No dependents get a stimulus check. Rather, taxpayers who have dependents under the age of 17 get $500 more for each such dependent..”

“No Dependents do not qualify. People under 17 are not getting $500. Their parents/guardians are getting the $500 for them..”

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