Do I have to give 30-days notice to move out of girlfriend s apartment when breaking up? I am not on lease nor signed docs. (California)

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Include the date, time, and body of your message in a written notification to her and her family. Don’t forget to sign your name. Make it very plain in the body of your message that she must reply by a specific date to arrange a time to pick up any items she has left and do so with any friends or relatives she may have.

Run a 30-day-long advertisement for her and/or her family in your local newspaper as well.

Make copies of everything before mailing those letters, and it would be a good idea to send them certified. Create a paper trail to safeguard your rights. You might wish to research the real estate laws in your state or nation.


“Your ex-gf is legally your landlord and all landlord tenant laws apply. You are legally required to give a written notice to vacate in accordance with CA state law & pay rent through the full 30 days. “


“Yes and no.

Your girlfriend is your landlord; you owe her 30-days’ notice and rent for that day period.

You do not owe any notice to her landlord.”


“I’m looking through the other answers and most of them say yes, but the answer is no.  If you aren’t on the lease, they can’t make you pay rent and any verbal agreement will hold very little weight in court.  

You could just state that the verbal agreement was that you’d chip in where you could but could leave any time you wanted – which may, in fact, have more or less been the verbal agreement.  

If there is no written agreement of any sort you have signed, then just leave, there is nothing they can do about it if you do. I mean I’m not in California but regardless they can’t win a judgement on something they can’t prove.”


“Yes, you can be sued (under California tenant laws) if you have been “paying rent” and leave without first giving the legally required notice. Not having a lease or written contract only makes it slightly harder for her to prove what your deal is, if she has to take you to court.”


“Yes, you do have not given proper legal notice.”


“Yes.  State law recognizes your tenancy without a contract; thus, you are subject to the same state tenancy laws as everyone else.  And if you have ever paid rent in whole or in part, you are responsible for your share of the rent during those 30 days.  The good news is that there is no requirement that you must remain in the property with her during those paid 30 days.  Sorry.”


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