Do apartments have to have a kitchen?


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I was shocked to discover that many flats in Munich did not come with fully furnished kitchens, including cabinets, lighting fixtures, sinks, and appliances. I was seeing houses with a relocation agent at the time. They were merely rooms with plumbing where you would place your sink cabinet and outlets on the walls. In addition, several of the apartments were lacking any kind of lighting throughout. The residents would have to install their own lighting fixtures because there were only bare bulbs dangling from the ceilings. Additionally, there were no mirrors installed above bathroom sinks.


“No. You can live in an apartment without a kitchen. There are no laws regarding kitchens in apartments like there are bathrooms and egress windows.”


“This would not be a federal law or probably even a state law. It would be a city law if there is any. I sold a house that had built without a kitchen and the mortgage company appraisal came back saying that was a problem for them. But I guess you are talking about renting not buying.


“No. I remember long ago I looked at an apartment and I realized it only had one source of water and it was cold. It was an old cold water flat. I felt I should have been told that immediately because I have an expectation of hot and cold running water. They just laughed like they had been caught while I left.”


“If it is advertised as an Apartment it has to have a kitchen.
If advertised as a room it does not.”


You don’t NEED a kitchen, but you’ll need a microwave and a stove if you want to cook at home.”


“That depends on local zoning ordinances. There are mini-apartments that are becoming popular in D.C. and New York where cooking is done in a common room or people just go out to eat.”


By Alexandre Laurent

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