Do all tenants make renters sign a lease?

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A question by Amy R :  What if you want to stay after the lease is up???


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Both parties must sign a lease agreement for it to be enforceable. If a property manager is representing an owner, the owner may or may not be identified on the lease agreement depending on the regulations of your state. The ideal time for landlords to execute a rental agreement is 30 days prior to the vacant property. Your objective as a landlord is to consistently have renters occupying your rental property in order to generate rental income. You want new renters to move in as soon as existing ones leave.

VERBAL LEASE AGREEMENT A verbal lease agreement is frequently regarded as valid and enforceable for a year. You have a legally binding month-to-month tenancy once the renter moves in and you accept the rent. Even if a relative will be staying with you for only a few months, it is usually a good idea to have a signed leasing agreement. If things go south and you need the tenant to leave, having written agreements will be helpful.


“A tenant IS a renter.”


“No.  There are many tenancies that exist without a contract and the law treats them as month to month renters.  That being said the choice to require a contract or not is up to the landlord, not the tenant.  

When you want to stay longer than the term of the lease your landlord may not ask you to sign a new contract and allow you to stay on a month to month basis where all terms of the tenancy remain the same as stated by the original lease.  But when renting month to month, the landlord (and the tenant) have the option to change any of the original terms with a full month’s written notice.  So if the landlord wanted to raise the rent, they could with a months written notice and if the tenant refused the rent increase they would then need to give the landlord at least an entire month’s notice that they intend to vacate.”


“No…..But yes sometimes the insurance carrier will want to inspect a rental property.  Especially on commercial properties.

I’ve had Mercury Insurance come out and inspect some of my rentals and want certain repairs to be done.”


“I require all adults over 18 sign the lease for my rental properties.”


“The landlord has the tenant sign the lease not the other way around as you wrote it.  Yes, most landlords require a lease. In most states you automatically go to a month to month.   Most landlords would require a new lease but some let you continue month to month. Exactly how they do it is 100% up to each individual landlord. .”


“Not always.  If you go beyond the lease with agreement of LL, it becomes month to month.”


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