Did you regret buying a house?

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A question by :  I’m moving in February into the house that I bought to live in alone. I’m stressing and regretting my choice as I feel like I would be way more comfortable in a flat and I don’t know why I made the decision to buy a house, I really dread the moment where I would have to sleep there alone, in a way that I wouldn’t feel if it was a flat. Would you have any advice? Of course, I’ll have to wait to move in to see if maybe I feel different but I can’t stop myself from stressing about this. Thanks!?

Yes. When most people say “NO,” they usually mean one of two things.

They struck it lucky with timing and place in a hot market.
They purchased it back when home values were much lower in relation to income.
Most real estate rarely experiences significant price changes. Unless you want to stay for more than ten years, in which case you might only receive limited acknowledgment. The worst aspect, though, is constantly rising taxation. When you include in maintenance costs, it’s typically a losing endeavor.

Again, if you intend to stay for decades, the curves will ultimately flatten out and you will receive a return that is in line with inflation.

But it takes a lot of your time to keep it up.

No, renting a home is more expensive in the long run than buying one. I’m free to modify the building whatever I like and keep pets. The responsibility of ownership comes with a lot of labor to maintain the property. I’m not. especially considering I have young kids. When my kids cry in the middle of the night or my toddlers run about, I don’t have to worry about irate neighbors since I have a house. I’m tired of smelling secondhand smoke coming through the walls.

The children can play on a set, explore the garden, and yard at our home.



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“Nope, I love not having neighbors on the other side of my wall or ceiling like duplexes or apartments”


“Remorse for any action can come out of anxiety… you need to be more pragmatical and not regret it until you see how it really in and experience the good and bad…  in a flat or house sleeping alone is the same 

the only difference is now you have yard work “


“Yes, for about a week when I bought my first house simply because of the memory of the closing when I realized the huge debt, I just put upon myself.  But that wore off when I better realized the investment it was (is, I still own it along with other houses).  

If you are worried about being alone in the house, get a roommate to help you pay off the mortgage faster and to keep you company.”


“Not at all, I paid $117k for it a year ago and now it’s up to $135k.”


“I actually moved out of a house because for several reasons.  I don’t know if it was the right move, but I was not happy there.  Reason not happy, too much maintenance, too big, other house issues, too quiet of a neighborhood.  Money wise I think it’s the same (difference property tax + insurance vs HOA + ppty tax). 

I did lose on the move because of having to pay the real estate agents fees, but happy to have moved.  People say you’ll get used to it.  Maybe I could have I been not there long enough to find out.  Just was not happy.  The area I have to move to I actually think it would appreciate more, thus one of the reasons to move. 

FYI, for condo, you do have to be aware of sharing common walls (like apartments).  Something a person that lived in the house will not get use too quickly.   “


“Never, ever have I regretted owning the real estate I have.

A house might seem lonely; a flat has people there constantly, so I can see your reasoning, but it’s silly. Fill your home with things you love, things that make you happy, adopt a pet or two, and pick up a house hobby, whether that be light DIY projects, crafting, gardening, etc. You can fill your time with preparing your new home how YOU want it. My mom always said, “A house is NEVER done,” and boy was she right!”


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