Costco is currently offering live 1oz PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna bars at the price of $2,080👍.

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1oz PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna bars $2,080

It seems a bit early for a market drop, prompting speculation about potential changes in their strategy. The outlook for 2024 appears uncertain and volatile due to brewing macroeconomic issues, such as the cost of borrowing and ongoing challenges in countries like Russia, potentially leading to brief sell-offs.

Lady Fortuna

Despite the uncertainties, some investors find leverage appealing. Personally, I’m taking advantage of a 0% introductory rate for 12 months on a bullion card to leverage my gold purchases through APMEX. This allows me to maximize my investment and spread payments over a year. Moreover, many states, including mine with a threshold of $1,000, don’t impose taxes on gold bullion purchases above a certain dollar amount, making it a tax-efficient strategy.

Interestingly, I’d face taxes on a numismatic coin purchase. While I don’t anticipate a drop as drastic as the $1.6K seen in 2022, a brief dip to around $1.8K would be enticing, especially considering potential Costco deals.

As of now, the spot price is $2,030, indicating it’s not as favorable as previous opportunities. However, the same bar is priced at $2,121 through APMEX on Walmart, and even higher at $2,149 (check) / $2,238 (cc) on APMEX’s official website.

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