Commonwealth Coin Designers and Engravers.

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After over a thousand years and many changes in production techniques, the monarch continues to be depicted on the obverse of modern coinage. Certain traditions are observed in this representation.

From the time of Charles II onwards a tradition developed of successive monarchs being represented on the coinage facing in the opposite direction to their immediate predecessor. There was an exception to this in the brief reign of Edward VIII, who liked portraits of himself facing to the left, even though he should have faced to the right according to tradition. The designs for proposed coins in the Mint collection show Edward VIII facing to the left. The tradition has been restored since the reign of George VI. The following are very brief biographies of some of the engravers and artists who have designed Commonwealth coinage over the last few hundred years.

W.W.William Wyon
B.PBenedetto Pistrucci
DeSGeorge William de Saulles
HPThomas Humphrey Paget
J.E.B.Sir Joseph Edward Boehm
K GGeorge Kruger Gray
T.B.Sir Thomas Brock
BMSir Edgar Bertram MacKennal
MGMary Gillick
AMArnold Machin
RBMRaphael Maklouf
S.DStuart Devlin
I.R.BIan Rank-Broadley
WPWojciech Pietranik
TNTimothy Noad
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